Remembering David was the creation of David J. Stang, It is with very deep sadness, that we report the untimely passing of David, SHS class of 1963.  A man of profound Sayville High School spirit and the founder of, David died July 8, 2018 4:13.PM in Washington, DC after a short illness. David was a very young 72 years of age.


If you knew David, it would be no surprise to learn that his body was donated to medical science. David, my mentor at was a most amazing man, who was loved and admired by so many… his passing is a complete shock. We mourn for his family and friends.

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-Hal Brown (co-webmaster with David)


Easy Registration Process

We have updated our registration process which is now available to all who attended Sayville High School. If you are already registered, please review your information to see that it’s current. You don’t want to miss your reunion.

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Don’t Miss Your Class Reunion

High school was such a great time for a lot of us. The friends we made, the experiences we had. Be sure to check out our Reunion News for updates and information, links and liaison contact persons

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A Special Thank You

Many alumni have stepped forward to help with various class years. Thanks so very much to Jennifer Marin (’90), Nancy Brady (’81), Douglas Marino (’88) and Sandra June Flanagan (’67) for their “Above and Beyond” efforts and contributions!

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Join our alumni association

The power of an Alumni Association comes from its leadership and members, and particularly from the number of members we have.  We believe that an Alumni Association of the people, by the people, and for the people will have the best chance of prospering.

Virtual Cemetery Initiative

Alumni News

We didn’t create this Association because we think SHS is or ever was the greatest school, but because it was OUR school, and it drew us together, offered opportunity, and served as a step on the path of our lives. And together, perhaps, we can make SHS greater.

We recently learned of a nice little fundraising effort to help send the youngsters of a Sayville baseball team named Sayville Crimson Elite on an exciting educational trip to the Cooperstown, NY Baseball Hall of Fame. Theresa McCrodden-Brown has organized this on behalf of her son Tyler Brown (a student at the Sayville Middle School) and the baseball team which consists of 11 boys in the 6th and 7th grades. Many of the boys parents and grandparents are Sayville High Alumni. For details, click here… Sayville Crimson Elite,

How Can You Help

Register/Join! This is the single most important thing you can do: provide your information, so that others may contact you. Provide this info on our

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Historian Research Team

Interested in local history and/or enjoy helping others learn? We invite you to join the “Historians” team.

1. Do you have to attend meetings? No.

2. Will it cost anything? No.

3. Do I have to travel? No.

4. How much time will this require? Not much… your call! 10 minutes here and there or perhaps 10 minutes a week, or 10 minutes a month. You decide!

5. Doing what? We need volunteers to research archival newspapers and other resources, to help with class lists, search for obituaries, photographs, grave sites and biographical information on our Sayville High School Alumni and staff.

We also need alumni interesting in serving as their class liaison. We also are in need help to serve as records liaisons/researchers for memorializing our departed alumni (by class year). Interested? Please watch our video below and contact

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