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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Sayville High School Alumni Association is to facilitate, develop and enhance mutually beneficial relationships among SHS alumni, faculty, staff and students. — from the organizational meeting of December 4, 2013.

More About Sayville Alumni Association

The Sayville Alumni Association is an organization for the Alumni of Sayville High School, created and run by these Alumni. Membership requires that you attended Sayville High School, not that you graduated.  Membership also includes those who were teachers, staff, school board and even some other special circumstances based on life circumstances.   Registration is free and always will be.  Registration allows you to see others email address and optionally, add/share some information about yourself.  You do not have to share anything, except you name, date of graduation and email address.   And, if you can’t do that, simply contact me to discuss other options.

Webmaster: Hal G. Brown.   EMail: halgbrown@SayvilleAlumni.com

On this page you will find:

  • Minutes from Meeting in Myakka River State Park, Florida – May 17, 2014
  • Minutes of our organizational meeting of December 4, 2013.
  • Our Mission Statement.  Comments invited.
  • Our Bylaws. The version posted today is provisional, and still under discussion.
  • Our Certificate of Incorporation. 
  • SAYVILLE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC. is a Florida Not For Profit Corporation.  N19000002558.  03/04/2019.

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Our Crew

Where would we get without our valued crew?  Not far at all!

The below wonderful people have grabbed an oar and rowed!  Most don’t really want permanent rowing positions;   Thus, we continue to evolve.  We sure hope you will grab an oar, too!


Current rowers and their duties:

Cheryl Zeller Cameron and Hal G. Brown  —  Facebook presence

Stephanie DiChiara — Liaison to the Sayville Library

— Liaison to the Sayville Board of Education

Jennifer Marin, Steve Moline, Hal G. Brown — Historians Committee

Gail Heinsohn McNutt — Contributing Author/Columnist

Judith Levy Leipold — Contributing Author/Columnist

Linda Rodriquez — Contributing Author/Columnist

Jennifer Marin — Contributing Author/Columnist

Ron Hoffer — Liaison to Sayville High School

Judith Levy Leipold — Press Relations

Susan Lowenkron — Liaison to Sayville Historical Society

Kathy Duggan O’Bannon — Liaison to Community Groups

Susan Peters Ranghelli — List Acquisition for Prior Reunions

Doug Shaw — Liaison to Friends of Sayville Education Foundation

Sharon Smith — Awards

Jack Heinlein and Susan Peters Ranghelli — Yearbook Scanning

Hal G. Brown — Webmaster. Deceased Alumni Virtual Cemeteries


Class Liaisons;

1982 – SayvilleClassOf1982@yahoo.com

1981 – Gail Milroy Byrnes

1980 – Andrea McCormick-Gilbert

1979 – Pam Lobell

1974 – Jane Hodgkinson-Koropsak

1973 – Larry Kelly and Carolyn Baumann

1972 – Cathie Occhiogrosso Ciresi

1969 – Susan Lominska and Holly Maxson DelBello

1968 – Laura Whiston Hanks

1959, 1960 & 1961 – Dan Meier

1956 – Carl Kahler

1947 – Bill Paauwe

Special thanks to;

  • Jack Heinlein, Kathy Duggan O’Bannon, Susan Peters Ranghelli, and Jane Roe Tierney for their effort in scanning yearbooks.
  • Alice Lepore, Jonathan Pryer and Stephanie DiChiara of the Sayville Library
  • Ron Hoffer of Sayville High School  for providing the yearbooks we scanned, one of the scanners we used and a comfortable place to work.

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The Sayville Alumni Association is an organization for the Alumni of Sayville High School, created and run by these Alumni. Membership requires that you attended Sayville High School, not that you graduated. Membership is also open to past and present staff, teachers and administrators as well as those who have a sincere interest because they have ancestors who were alumni. Membership is free and always will be.