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The Sayville Alumni Association is an organization for the Alumni of Sayville High School, created and run by these Alumni. Membership requires that you attended Sayville High School, not that you graduated. Registration on this site is free.

Pages on this site:

  • Advice on Organizing a Reunion. Planning to plan a reunion? The initiator and Steering Committee Chair of what might be Sayville’s most successful reunion offers some good advice on how to do it. 
  • Guidelines for Finding Classmates. The hardest part of a successful reunion is not deciding where to hold it or when to hold it. The hardest part is finding your missing classmates. Here is some advice on how to do it. 
  • Registration. The best information about our classmates comes from them, not from the Internet or hearsay. Register on this site, and encourage every classmate you find to do the same. Use this page to create your own personal web page on this site. 
  • Use the Amend page. Our Amend page provides a means for any classmate to update our database with nuggets of information as they are uncovered. While the Registration page provides a means for a classmate to add or update their personal information, the Amend page allows any classmate to record what they’ve learned about others. Use it as a note-taking tool when doing internet searches, reading email, making phone calls… 
  • Formatted Contact Lists. You can use this site to create email address lists, mailing labels, and even name tags.  Visit our Formatted Contact List page to do this. 
  • Reunion Registration. Send us your reunion event details, and we’ll create a Reunion Registration form for your class.  As the forms are completed, their information is sent to your designated organizers. Lists of registered attendees will be available, which you can use to track payments received.  A sample form is now available here
  • Minutes of our organizational meeting of December 4, 2013. 
  • Our Mission Statement.  Comments invited. 
  • Our Bylaws. The version posted is provisional, and still under discussion. 
  • Our Certificate of Incorporation. This, too, is a draft, included here for your comments. 
  • Reunion Calendar and Reports

Clippings: the Sayville Alumni Association in the News

  • Alumni News. The Suffolk County News, January 23, 2014. Cover Story.

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