Get Involved, just a little?

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Get Involved, just a little?

1. We are looking for volunteers to serve as “Class Contacts/Liaisons” (by class year). It does not involve much… I simply forward occasional email inquiries your way.

2. We are also looking for volunteers to serve as Class Historians. Many already do this, but we would like to establish an updated list here. Do you already or will you represent your class? Doesn’t have to be just one person… could be several!

A perfect example is Bill Paauwe, Class of `47 who agreed to be officially designated as Class of `47 liaison and also historian. Alumni of `47 are all now in the late 80’s. Yet, Bill remains very active. He communicates with those class of `47 alumni who are interested and hosts annual gatherings at his home. Serving in this capacity for decades, Bill Paauwe embodies Sayville High Schools spirit! Thank you, Bill!

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