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SHS Class of ’88 30th reunion!

1988 Reunion


SHS Class of ’98 20th reunion!

1998 Reunion

SHS Class of ’68 50th reunion!

1968 Reunion

Sayville High School Class of 1968 5OTH REUNION

October 19th cash bar and informal appetizers and food at Bluestone Tavern 5-11.

October 20th 1:00 tour of high school.

Saturday evening informal at Sayville American Legion 4-9.

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September 23, 2016: SHS Class of ’71

October 8, 2016: SHS Class of ’06

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Reunion Reports

Potomac Revisited. Again. May 13-15, 2016. Class of 1963.

by Judith Levy LeipoldI just returned from the Stang’s SHS mini-reunion in Potomac, MD.

We numbered about 20 people who came down from New York, up from Florida, and over from a variety of other states. Attendees included: Susan (Price) and David Pople, Judy (Limouze) and David Price, Roger Newhouse, Karen (Dacek) and Lee Brandt, John and Diana Heinlein, Pat (Blawn) and Tom Inman, Susan (Peters) and Ralph Ranghelli, Nancy (Van Schaick) and John Thomas, Bob Schaefer, myself (Judy Levy) and our hosts Jeanne McManus and David Stang.

The weather threatened us with two days of deluge, but we had scattered sprinkles alternating with sunshine. Many of us stayed at the Marriott in Bethesda. David negotiated a bunch of suites at bargain prices.

Days were filled with visits to David’s horse, Great Falls National Park, and a trolley ride from Potomac, MD, to Washington DC (where we hopped off to visit the King Memorial, FDR Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and a picnic lunch at the George Mason Memorial. Evenings were spent with good friends sharing memories and great food. Jeanne always prepares too much. Thankfully, we worked up an appetite to indulge in all kinds of specialties. The feasting seemed to never end, nor did the laughter.

Some informal business discussions centered around our 55th 2018 reunion, a 2017 winter cruise, and the 2017 Potomac mini reunion. David suggested that we could double our numbers for next year’s mini-reunion if we each brought another person or couple. Next year it will take place the weekend after Mother’s Day, May 19-21. Could you pencil in the date now? Come alone, with a friend, or partner…truly it will be a highlight of your Spring.

Book:We also discussed ways of getting the Classes of 1962 and 1964 involved with some of our activities (hence the 2017 winter cruise which is the ’62 55th anniversary). The Classes of ’59, ’60, and ’61 have quite successfully joined forces for reunions, activities, and the book, Sea Spray – Recollections of the SHS Classes of ’59, ’60, ’61. We all read it and remembered the contributors as well as many of the events. We would like to copy their idea and create a 1963 version of “Sea Spray”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, they contacted class members and invited them to share their hometown memories of special times. It centered about friendship, work, holidays, hurricanes, beach time, playtime, risks, and more. Some people wrote a few pages, some wrote a few paragraphs, some wrote a few lines. Also included were short stories, poetry, recipes, and two poignant obituaries. The collection of works was self published a few years ago and is available through Amazon for purchase. At this time we are in the beginning stages of organizing. Susan Pople, John Heinlein, Rosemary (Westray) Repeta and David Stang have volunteered to help edit. More information will be soon sent out by the committee of “Sea Spray ’63” Also, information will be sent out within the next month to two for Cruise 2017.

We need your help! If you would like to get involved with any of the above projects, let us know. If you know of any email addresses for members of the class of ’62 or ’64 please send them in or let them know that we would like to contact them. If you care to write an article for the website, contact David Stang at Many of us are retired with some extra time on our hands (ya think?). Let us know your thoughts, suggestions about any of the above or better yet, new ideas. Whenever I get an email from a classmate I am indulged. Perhaps we weren’t best friends 53 years ago, but today I look upon each and every email as being special. Truly, we have an opportunity for 100% inclusion of all our remaining classmates. All it will take is for you to reply.

Potomac Revisited. May 16-19, 2014. Class of 1963.

When Sayville High School’s class of 1963 held their 50th class reunion in October, 2013, it had been 30 years since the last one.  Judith (Levy) Leipold and her committee put on a memorable reunion weekend in Sayville that has had unexpected results:  three mini-reunions before the big one – in Sayville, Florida, and Maryland, and two more since.

The most recent little reunion happened in Potomac, Maryland, May 16-18, hosted by classmate David Stang and his wife Jeanne McManus.  Seventeen classmates and spouses gathered at the Stang’s lovely, wooded home for delicious meals, wildlife watching and good conversation.  The relaxed schedule included a picnic lunch and tour of Mt. Vernon, a Sunday brunch, and optional outings to a stable, scenic Great Falls, and some of D.C.’s historic sites.

What prompted these spin-off, mini-gatherings?  Simply put, there’s joy in reconnecting with those who share our history.  I (Jacquie Tate) got to spend three days with my best friend from SHS, Judy Limouze. Two thousand miles separate us now limiting the time together.  Over the weekend, I met a few high school buddies I hadn’t seen in over fifty years.  It’s hard to describe the warm feeling you get when friendship rekindles in an instant.  There was an added bonus to the weekend.  Spouses and classmates I had not known before became new friends.

I attended SHS only one year and I wasn’t sure I belonged at this reunion.   I went anyway and I’m so glad I did.   It’s fun to catch up, share memories, laugh about our youth, and feel the sense of belonging that comes with shared experiences.  I encourage you to do the same.

— Jacquie Tate Huffaker, Class of ’63

Sarasota Revisited. Feb 4-7+. Class of 1963.

Classmates regroup. Can you identify anyone?

What a special week we had. Some friends arrived early and enjoyed the glorious weather for an extended stay. The activities confined to Feb. 4-7 included Tuesday’s hike through the Crowley Museum and Nature Crd, a Siesta Key sunset, and dinner at Yoder’s (a Sarssota Mennonite restaurant), on Wednesday: A Myakka River State Park lunch and airboat tour, then off to Bob Constantino’s beautiful home for a fabulous dinner and an hour serenade by vocal duo Lynn and Hannah accompanied by Bob on the piano. Fabulous…we all had front row seats! Thursday was laid back. We began with a campfire lit at dawn, then after a few cups of coffee we headed down the road with a co-hosted brunch (thank you Judy and Cheryl) at Judy and Dave Price’s rental resort in Sarasota. After brunch and conversation we headed out to take in a Mennonite quilt show. Dinner that night was hosted by David Stang at one of our premier Asian restaurants. By Friday most of the visitors were on their way home. For those who remained we took in an evening performance of Circus Sarasota. /p>

It sounds like all we did was eat, but truly the food was not as memorable as the company. Thank you Susan Price, Kathy Duggan, Susan Lowenkron, Bill and Violet Pauge, Judy and Dave Price, David Stang, Cheryl and Burns Cameron, Karen and Lee Brandt, and Bob Constantino for making the magic happen over again. For those who planned to come but were unable to, we missed you Rick and Rose Torre, Rosemary and Lou Repeta, Ellen Briggs, honeymooners MR. and MRS (Pam Sinisi) Don Parsons, Nancy Van Schaik Thomas, and Susan and Ralph Ranghelli.

Most of all we missed those who weren’t planning to come but we have hopes to see you soon…perhaps in May? At this time, David and Jeanne are planning a May get together the weekend after Mother’s Day. If you didn’t come to the 50th or the Florida getaway, consider DC in the springtime. Please consider joining in. As good as it is, it would be better with YOU there.

Fondly thinking of you,

Judith Levy Leipold

Class of 1963 Reunion October 4-6, 2013. What a success! See our photos here. Read more here, when someone writes this report…

Previous Reunions

Date Class Notes
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October 4-6, 2013 1963 Class 50th Birthday Party
August 10, 2013 1981 Class 50th Birthday Party
May 17-19, 2013 1963 Mini Reunion in Potomac.
January 25-27, 2013 1963 Mini Reunionin Sarasota
November 2, 2012 1972 40th Reunion Weekend Get-Away
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November 19, 2011 1979 Fabulous 50
July 29-30, 2011 1981 Friendly Reminder/30 Year Reunion Bash
February 12, 2011 1981 Party at the Garage
September 18, 2010 1963-67 Sayville High School Class of ’65 Tree Memorial
August 13, 2010 1965 Class of 1965 45th Reunion
August 7-9, 2010 1969-70 Golf Tournament, Summer Fest 4 mile Run, and 40th Reunion
August 6, 2010 1959-61 50th Reunion SHS ’59, ’60 and ’61
July 24, 2010 1980 30th Reunion
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June 18, 2010 1990 20th Reunion
October 9, 2009 1984 Class of 1984 25th Reunion
August 1, 2009 1969 Summerfest annual run
July 10, 2009 1988 21st year SHS “mini” reunion
June 27, 2009 1989 Sayville 1989 20-year Reunion and Alumni Walk
January 24, 2009 1974 Bowling for Charity
October 17-18, 2008 1972-1974 Sayville High School Classes of 1972,1973,and 74
September 13, 2008 1968 Class of 1968 reunion
August 2, 2008 1988 20 year reunion class of 88

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