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The power of an Alumni Association comes from its leadership and members, and particularly from the number of members we have.  We believe that an Alumni Association of the people, by the people, and for the people will have the best chance of prospering.


Our rules for membership are simple:  

Anyone who has ever attended or worked at Sayville High School is automatically a member. Period. No banishment for dropouts or those who had to move away. 

No dues. Alumni everywhere have learned to hold onto their wallets when the Alumni Association comes knocking.  No fear for us, because no dues. Not now, not ever (we hope). 

No elitism.  Our Yearbooks ranked the status of our school members by the size of their photos: Principal, Vice Principal, Faculty, Seniors, Underclassmen and Secretarial staff, and then finally Custodial staff.  Among faculty, the first photos were always of those teaching English and Science, the last to be listed were music, physical education, business… No more. In this Alumni Association, we will not favor students over faculty or staff, or some faculty over others, or some staff over others. This was our school. And this is our Alumni Association.

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Here at, we invite you to keep connected with former Sayville High classmates, schools and the community. Regardless how close or far you are from Sayville.


If you attended Sayville High School, you are welcome here. Reconnect, share news and special memories. Update your own contact information. Learn about alumni news, activities, events and reunions. Created by and administered by Sayville Alumni.  Always 100% Free.