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Sayville High School Alumni Virtual Cemeteries.
Our place to remember, learn and leave remembrances. 
All known deceased alumni by year of graduation.
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In 1892, Sayville enrolled its first “High School” student, Anna L. Green who, after passing Regents exams became its first graduate in 1895.

Prior to 1892, “High” School educational opportunities did not exist in Sayville.

Our school “Old 88” opened January 1, 1889 with five teachers and 375 students. New York State law required children between seven and sixteen to attend school. Any child over eleven who worked for a living — had to attend at least 14 weeks.

In “Old 88”, eight grades were divided into three departments, primary, intermediate and grammar.

Primary (age 5 and over)
Intermediate (grades 3 to 6)
Grammar (grades 7 to 8).

Students who completed 8th grade received a “Grammar School Diploma”. This was a far as they could go in the Sayville schools. Whereas these students we as far as they could go in Sayville and received diplomas, we are attempting to add the names of pre-1895 students, teachers and staff to the ranks of our alumni. Where possible, virtual cemeteries are being prepared at


What is Virtual Cemetery?

Remembering our deceased classmates is important.

As such, we wanted to let you know about a new project and feature at;
the creation of “on-line virtual cemeteries” dedicated to our deceased Sayville High School alumni.


Many may now be wondering, what is a virtual cemetery? Simply put, it’s not a real cemetery. Rather, it is a linked alphabetical index by graduation year. It affords you the ability to instantly determine the actual location of a grave (if one exists) and to pay respects to deceased classmates by leaving notes/virtual flowers.


We call this virtual, whereas it transverses geographical boundaries of a final resting place and is not dependent upon location of cemetery. Better yet, it is not dependent upon actual burial. Thus, those cremated, as well as those where final resting places are unknown (i.e. lost at sea) may also be included.


The virtual cemetery pages list all deceased class members with links to the individual’s own memorial page.
Where possible, we try to include a senior picture, photo of the gravestone and obituary.
We also try to link to other family members memorial pages.


Virtual cemeteries for most years have been generated. Some have many names, some only a few and some have no known names as this is an on-going project. At this point, we are seeking any available demographics on our deceased alumni.


Do you know of a deceased classmate not currently listed here? Can you provide any additional information for those already listed here? Where known, the information we seek includes;


  • full name (including maiden name)
  • date and place of birth
  • obituary
  • photographs
  • year of graduation
  • names of parents/siblings
  • gravestone pictures
  • does alumnus already have a memorial page at
  • any other information that might aid research


Hal G. Brown, SHS Class of 1972, is managing this project, creating memorial pages and virtual cemeteries by class year.
Anyone interested in participating in this project, please contact Hal at:


This does involve time and research as the job is never done. Interested in joining the research team? Perhaps some of you would be interested in;


  • “adopting” the virtual cemetery for your year of graduation?
  • performing research ie.,  We could use sure your help… Please let us know!

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